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  • In addition to Texas State Faculty-Led, Affiliated and International Exchange Programs with Texas State, there are a number of programs not formally associated with Texas State that students may want to consider.

    It is important to keep in mind that by going through a Non-Affiliated provider, you will not be considered a Texas State Student. Financial aid through Texas State is not available for these programs, but students are encouraged to look into other scholarships listed on the Financial Assistance page. Students may also investigate loans, such as private or alternative loans, through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Information about other Education Abroad programs may be found on websites such as Go Overseas, GoAbroad, and

  • 1. Attend a General Information Session

    2. Do your research
    Find courses that sound the most similar to what you still need to take at Texas State, decide which semester you would like to study abroad, and finally, choose where you would like to go abroad. This is the best process to use when finding a program that will be the best fit for you.

    3. Meet with your Academic Advisor
    This meeting will be to discuss the courses you still need to take at Texas State. This information will help you when you begin researching programs that will be the best fit for you.

    4. Inquire about Scholarship Opportunities
    While participating in a Non-Affiliated program, you are not eligible to use your Texas State Financial Aid and Scholarships. However, you may qualify for several study abroad scholarship programs. Some Non-Affiliated providers also offer specific scholarships, so we strongly recommend that you inquire about those financial opportunities. 

    For more information about other specific studies abroad scholarships, please visit our Financial Assistance page.

    5. Meet with the Education Abroad Staff member:

    •  Please visit this link to schedule your advising appointment. 

    • Please provide the information bellow when requesting your advising appointment
    1. Name
    2. Student ID
    3. Non-Affiliated Program Details:
      1. Non-Affiliated Providers Name
      2. Non-Affiliated Program Name
      3. Term

    6. Start your Texas State Non-Affiliated  Program Application through the student portal.

    7. Submit your Transfer Credit Agreement (TCA).

    Undergraduate Steps for Transferring Education Abroad Credits

    Why do students need to complete this process before departing?

    • You will make the best course selection for your international program after talking to your advisor about your academic goals and degree plan.
    • You will understand how the classes you plan to take and credits you earn will apply towards your major, minor or general university requirements.

    • You will have a documented, and approved academic plan for your Education Abroad program.

    • If you do not complete this process, you may not receive academic credits for courses completed and may not be eligible for financial aid.

    1. Locate the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Agreement Form (TCA) in your online Texas State online application.
    2. Complete TCA form and Course Descriptions and email them to the Education Abroad office (
      • It is strongly advised to select more courses than what you really intend to take in case of course cancellations or schedule conflicts. Be sure to attach all course descriptions or syllabi (preferably in English), which you can find in university catalogs, websites, etc.
      • Course descriptions need to be submitted in PDF format (usually available from your program or host university) or as a Word document. 
      • Obtain as much information as possible about each of the courses you plan to take. It is your responsibility to obtain course descriptions from your prospective host institution or Affiliated provider.
    3. An Education Abroad staff member will review your TCA form and forward it to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for course evaluation.
      • The Transcript Evaluator may need to contact you if any additional information is needed.
    4. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will send the evaluated TCA form to your Advising Center to determine if the selected courses satisfy degree requirements.
    5. Once the Academic Advisor determines if the courses satisfy degree requirements, the form will be emailed to an Education Abroad staff member.
    6. An Education Abroad staff member will email the evaluated/approved TCA form back to you.
      • If you have questions regarding evaluated/approved TCA, please make an appointment with the Academic Advisor.
      • This process usually takes about 5-10 business days.

    8. Apply through your non-Affiliated Provider
    There are two applications Texas State students must complete in order to participate in a Non-Affiliated program:

    1) Texas State Non-Affiliated Program application

    2) Non-Affiliated Provider's application

  • 1. Request your Academic Transcript. 

    At the end of your study abroad program, request  your host institution to send an official transcript to Education Abroad:

    Texas State University
    Education Abroad 
    601 University Dr.
    San Marcos, TX 78666

    2. Participate in the annual Education Abroad Photo Contest
    You can find details about this contest on the Photo Contest page.

    3. Double check to see that your coursework transferred over successfully. 

    Reach out to the  Academic Advisor who signed your evaluated TCA or you corresponding Advising Center

    4. Attend the Own Your Experience Abroad Workshop
    This workshop will allow you to share your experience with other students who recently participated on a Education Abroad program, as well as gives you tips on how to incorporate your Education Abroad experience into your job search (i.e. on your resume, social media, in an interview, etc.)

    5. Purchase an Education Abroad Graduation Sash for your graduation.
    Click here for details.