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International Health Insurance

On Call International Health Insurance


If you are planning to participate in a Education Abroad with Texas State University you have access to On Call International Health Insurance. On Call provides medical and travel assistance services to our faculty and student who are abroad. This service is a great benefit in the event you need help while participating in the program. 


Texas State students, faculty and staff can view policy details by clicking the page below. 

Students Participating in Non-Affiliated Programs or Independent Travel

It is important to realize that most U.S. insurance coverage is not recognized abroad. Therefore, Texas State Education Abroad strongly recommends that you acquire sufficient health and accident insurance for the entire period of your trip. Ask your education abroad program provider if you will have insurance coverage while participating in the program; if so, request a detailed description of this policy. The following insurance companies provide health insurance to education abroad students (these options are presented as a reference, and it is not the intention of Texas State Education Abroad to recommend any of these companies):

Betins International Health and Travel Insurance

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)

International Student Insurance

Travel Guard Insurance


Travelex Insurance Services

For health information on specific destinations, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) page. Please refer to the Health and Safety Abroad page for more information on health and safety abroad.