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Developing a Program

If you are considering teaching abroad and developing an Education Abroad program, we are here to help! 

Faculty-led program

Study abroad is not designed to replicate the classroom; rather, study abroad programs provide an opportunity to enhance the student’s learning experience. Texas State courses taught abroad must adhere to the same standards as courses taught on campus. A successful study abroad course must have the right balance of classroom/lecture time and field experience; proposed excursions and activities must have academic relevance to the course. 

Summer time is the most popular time for Texas State education abroad participants. Faculty-led programs can be a great option to study abroad for students with limited time and/or with financial limitations. 

Global Online Learning Experience

Global Online Learning Experience (GOLE) programs are distinguished by virtual access to international content achieved through one or more of the following designs (list is not comprehensive). 

  • Supplemental or complementary lectures by international faculty. 
  • Student collaboration with international online student teams or student partners. 
  • Cooperative completion of projects, assignments, work products. 
  • Remote lab time. 
  • Open discussion forum between faculty and students of partner institutions. 
  • Live events (such as but not limited to visits to relevant locations, web-based presentations/lectures by guest speakers/experts, synchronous, and asynchronous interactions with local community/students/host families).
  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) pedagogy and practices. 
  • GOLE can be a great alternative to students with travel limitations.

Providers/Partnerships - required for faculty-led, optional for GOLE

The 3rd party providers develop tailor made study abroad programs in which Texas State University retains the academic control for the program, but the provider makes all of the logistical arrangement, including: meals, classroom, cultural academic visits, transportation, instructions. If using a provider a contract is required. For example, it can be a local university, schools or institutes, travel agencies, local experts or education abroad providers. 

For GOLE, co-teaching designs with interantional faculty at partner institutions are encouraged (COIL). 


Specific to GOLE: 

  • The delivery method must be online or hybrid. 
  • More than 50% of the content will need to be taught from abroad. 
  • Courses must use any of the approved parts of terms for GOLE Programs. 
  • All enrollments must be for course credit. 
  • All Education Abroad courses must be offered via Extension credit. 
  • One or more Texas State faculty may participate in each program. 
  • Programs must offer at least two courses of the same level (graduate or undergraduate) or stacked courses. 
  • The recommended minimum number of students is 10. 
  • Programs include at least two mandatory pre-program orientation sessions to prove technical and cultural training. 

Specific to faculty-led: 

  • You may add a pre- or post travel academic component. 
  • More than 50% of the content will need to be taught abroad. 
  • Same requirements as on campus courses (contact hours, pre-requisites, etc.) 
  • One or more Texas State faculty may participate in each program. 


  • 12-month contract faculty (staff members, chairs, directors, or deans) are not eligibile for stipend. 
  • Stipend in Summer 2024: TBA 

Specific to faculty-led: 

  • Faculty travel expenses are covered by the program (airfare, lodging, insurance, meals and incidentals).  
  • Programs can be conducted in Fall or Spring as well. 


  • All programs/courses must be approved by Chair/Director(s) and Dean(s).

Specific to faculty-led: 

  • Feasibility proposal will be reviewed and approved by faculty-led advisory board. 
  • All programs/courses must be approved by International Affairs and Texas State University System Board of Regents. 


  • Education Abroad will create courses in Banner, and students will register for course via CatsWeb. 
  • Parts of Terms for Summer 2024 is TBA. 

Faculty-led program


Feasibility Proposal: only required for new programs or existing programs requesting a new location. 

  • March 1st of the year before the program


Program Application: once the feasibility proposal is fully approved, APDs must complete a program application every year. 

  • Due dates for summer and fall programs 
    • September 15th
  • Due dates for spring programs
    • June 1st for new programs or existing programs with new faculty, new courses and/or new location. 
    • July 1st for existing programs with no change in courses, faculty, or location. 

GOLE programs


  • Priority deadline for faculty to submit Summer 2024 program applications is October 1, 2023. 
  • Final deadline for faculty to submit Summer 2024 program applications is December 1, 2023.