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Why here and not abroad?

Have you ever wanted to experience life in another part of the world? To immerse yourself in another culture? Or perhaps to impart your knowledge of another culture to others? Maybe you should consider teaching abroad. Here are just a few comments from Texas State faculty members regarding their experience as academic program directors of a Texas State Education Abroad program.

“Teaching abroad is a means to enliven and deepen one's courses and understanding, while also sharing discoveries with students. It also gives one a chance to challenge teaching methods, and create new approaches to course content.”
-- Steve Wilson, Professor of English at Texas State University
“Attending a summer study-abroad program in Mexico back in the mid-eighties put me on the path to learning a second language and becoming a language professor. I have witnessed many similar life-changing reactions to studying abroad among the many students I've directed in Texas State programs in Guanajuato and Monterrey, Mexico, over the past six years. Although directing study abroad can be quite demanding, it is very gratifying to make friends and professional contacts abroad and to renew them each year. It is also thrilling to see the impact of study abroad on the hearts and minds of students, both in terms of their linguistic and intellectual development, as well as the strides they make toward developing an appreciation for other cultures and a tolerance for social structures and value systems which can be very different from their own.”
-- Lucy Harney, Professor of Spanish at Texas State University

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