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Gilman International Scholarship

Texas State University Students Awarded 
The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship


            Since the program’s establishment in 2001, more than 1,300 U.S. institutions have sent more than 28,000 Gilman Scholars to 150 countries around the globe. Gilman Scholars represent U.S. students from various backgrounds and fields of study that are underrepresented in U.S. education abroad.

          Over the years, dozens of our Texas State Bobcats have been selected over 1,000 American undergraduate students from hundreds of colleges and universities across the U.S. to receive the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, sponsored by the U.S. Department of States' Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to study or intern abroad, including virtual programs and internships. 

              Gilman scholars receive up to $5,000 to apply towards their education abroad or internship program costs. The program aims to diversify the students who study and intern abroad and the regions and countries where they go. Students who receive a Federal Pell Grant from two and four-year institutions who intend to study abroad or participate in an international internship for academic credit are able to and encouraged to apply. Scholarship recipients have the opportunity to develop a more global perspective which will make them better prepared to assume a leadership role within the government and private sector. Congratulations to all Texas State Gilman Scholarship recipients, we are so proud of you!

              The Institute of International Education (IIE) administers the program. The list of students who have been selected to receive Gilman Scholarships, including student's home state, university, and the host country, is available on their website. For more information about the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, please contact the Education Abroad Office or visit IIE's website at

2020 Recipients

  • Madison Pope  

Major: Theatre

Minor: Theatre

  • Alexandra Ruiz

Major: Management

Minor: Management

  • Parker Weaver  

Major: International Studies 

Minor: Middle Eastern Studies

  •  Laura Soran 

Major: Anthropology 

Minor: Anthropology 

  • Lily Zielinski 

Major: Theatre

Minor: Theatre

2019 Recipients

  • Vanesa Gonzalez

Faculty-led Cambodia 

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies 

  • Laird Oliver

Faculty-led Ghana

Major: Political Science 

Minor: Psychology

  •  Heather Hansen 

International Exchange United Kingdom

Major: Biology & CLS 

Minor: Chemistry

  • Maya Novit 

Affiliated Program AIFS, England 

Major: Theatre

Minor: Business Administration 

  • Rachel Ditzig

Affiliated Program AIFS, Czech Republic  

Major: Theatre Performance and Production 

2018 Recipients

  • Kenya Gonzalez Arellano

Affiliated Program ISA, Spain

Major: Accounting 

  • Kimberly Gustis

International Exchange Program Kansai Gaidai University, Japan

Major: Int. Studies

Minor: Japanese

  • Alexander Molina

Faculty-led, Spain

Major: Political Science 

  • America Ambriz

Faculty-led, Ghana

Major: Social Work 

  • Kendria Shields-Rhodes

Interdisciplinary Program, Costa Rica

Major: Psychology 

2017 Recipients

  • Michaela Johnson

 Affiliated Program AIFS, United Kingdom 

Major: Studio Art- Drawing 

  • Sarah Pressler

Major: Public Administration

Minor: Honors Studies 

  • Heather Couture 

 Affiliated Program USAC, China

Major: Int. Studies

Minor: Music Education 

  • Reyna Viscano 


Major: Biology

Minor: Business & Chemistry 

  • Lucero Fernandez 

Faculty-led United Kingdom  

Major: Social Work 

  • Kindra Idunoba

Faculty-led Japan 

Major: Int. Studies

  • N'deye Ndiaye 

 Affiliated  Program ISA, Morocco

Major: Int. Relations

  • Merna Wahba

Affiliated Program AIFS, Greece 

Major: Int. Business 

  • Aaron Smothers-

International Exchange, United Kingdom 

Major: Applied Math

Minor: Business

2016 Recipients

  • Demi Sommerville 


Major: Computer Science 

Minor: Japanese 

  • Mariana Zamora


Major: Social Work 

  • Fantasia Allen

South Africa

Major:  Education

  • Isabel Torres 


Major: Education

  • Major Kerr


Major: German 

  • Alisson Scott


Major: Wild Life Biology